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Fantasy Balloon Flights, Inc. is a full service professional hot air balloon company. We have been flying here in the beautiful Lower Hudson Valley area since 1984. This year we are proudly celebrating our 34th consecutive year in business with a 100% safety record! We offer hot air balloon rides May through November. During the off season winter months, our balloon ride gift certificates are always available for all your special occasions. We are conveniently located within an hour of New York City and only about 30 minutes from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. All of our balloon flights depart from Middletown, New York. ... see Directions
Hot Air Ballooning and Safety: If you are considering taking your first Hot Air Balloon Ride, it is very important to keep in mind, that when it comes to your safety it makes a big difference who you fly with. Whether you are going up in an airplane, helicopter or a hot air balloon, the most important question you should be asking yourself is, who would you rather be flying with? A beginner pilot or a pilot with over 34 years experience. A Hot Air Balloon Ride with Fantasy Balloon Flights, Inc. guarantees that you will be flying with full-time professional FAA Licensed Commercial Pilots with over 34 years of flying experience. Pilots that care about your safety as well as their own. We fly the finest hot air balloons and equipment available. All of our balloons are regularly inspected by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). The #1 priority on our list is safety. ... learn More

Fly With The Professionals!

When it comes to your safety and ours, we never take chances!
Hot Air Ballooning is extremely weather sensitive and is restricted to times of good weather and very calm, stable winds. Naturally, we can not fly in any type of bad weather such as: rain, fog, thunderstorms or high winds. All hot air balloon flights are made wind and weather permitting.
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Fantasy Balloon Flights has a NO-REFUND policy; once a ticket/gift ticket is purchased, no refunds will be given.

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